Misquamicut Beach

Written by Amy Hall
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Misquamicut Beach, located in Rhode Island, has seven miles of sand and surf to be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. Misquamicut stands for "Red Salmon at this place." The beach has moderate surf and a bit of an undertow, which make it ideal for body and board surfing during the season. There are lifeguards on duty during the season for extra protection.

You will find that the sand on Misquamicut Beach varies between a fine white powder to colored gravel, so you can find a spot that suits your preference. During the day, especially from June through August, the beach is packed with families, as the weather is hot, the water cool, and the breezes perfect for some kite flying. Parking at the beach is abundant, with a capacity for 3,000 vehicles.

In the evening, the Misquamicut Beach area comes alive, with fine dining for adults and activities for children. Even a moonlit walk along the beach is a wonderful way to take in the salt air breezes and the serenity of crashing ocean waves. Restaurants in the area serve gourmet Italian, seafood, Native cuisine, and of course, American fare.

Misquamicut Beach: Just over the Border

If you are planning to travel to Connecticut, but want to take a day trip to Misquamicut, you could stay in Mystic. There are some wonderful Connecticut inns in and around Mystic that are only about 20 minutes from the Rhode Island border. To learn more about Connecticut lodgings, simply visit the Web and check out the numerous sites on Connecticut tourism.

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