Mountain Biking In Connecticut

Written by Amy Hall
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If you plan on hitting the trails for some mountain biking in Connecticut, just remember to bring your helmet and maybe some elbow and kneepads. There are some fantastic biking trails throughout the state, some of which are more advanced than others. If you are a beginner, it is best to stick to the areas that offer both easy and advanced trails.

The Internet is a great source of information about mountain biking in Connecticut, as it has various sites dedicated exclusively to outdoor recreation in the state. The easiest way to fully get a sense of what trails are rated the best in the state, is to log onto the Web and conduct a bit of research. You will not only find out information about mountain biking in Connecticut, but also about places to stay in Connecticut and various attractions, including Mystic Seaport and the famous Connecticut wine trail, as well as activities suitable for children.

Many parks that offer trails for mountain biking also offer exceptional hiking trails with spectacular views of the surrounding areas. Kent Falls in Kent has an unbelievable waterfall, with picnic grounds, restroom facilities, and hiking trails. There are many places in Litchfield County that offer some great mountain biking trails for both the novice and the experienced mountain biker.

Spectacular Mountain Biking in Connecticut

If you are traveling from across the country and cannot bring your bike with you, there are various shops in the area that rent out mountain bikes. Mountain biking in Connecticut is an experience that satisfies your hunger for outdoor excitement, as well as feeds your senses with breathtaking beauty. You will want to decide ahead of time whether you want to bring your own bikes or find bikes to rent once you are there.

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