Costa Rica Adventures

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you're looking for excitement, Costa Rica adventures are among the most amazing in all of South America. There is such a lot to do in this country that you could easily experience all the excitement of trips to several other locations in one go. If laying around the pool and eating isn't active enough for you, and you crave some stimulation from your vacation holiday, then Costa Rica has a great deal to offer.

The Best Costa Rica Adventures

Among the most famous Costa Rica adventures are trips to the Arenal Volcano. This volcano is very cooperative in that it provides nightly displays of activity that many people find particularly exciting. Actually Arenal is active all the time, mostly in a minor way, but occasionally there is something really spectacular to see. Many return to Arenal in hope of seeing a rare display. Of course the volcanic landscape also has lots to offer. It is possible to stay in a hotel or rent a villa right beside Arenal, so you can experience this wild and wonderful natural phenomenon round the clock.

Although Arenal is Costa Rica's most famous volcano, there are others. Turrealba, located in the southeast of the country, for example. This particular location doesn't elicit much interest simply because it hasn't been active since the 19th Century. Irazu, which is just outside San Jose, is the highest volcano in Costa Rica, but it hasn't been active since 1965, when it caused several deaths. There is a small, scenic lake at the summit of Irazu. Poas is yet another Costa Rica volcano. Like Arenal, it is still active, but instead of fireworks-like displays, you would be more likely to see geyser-like eruptions of water. Rincon de al Viega should also be mentioned. Although famed for its haunting beauty, it is also inactive.

Aside from a really satisfying volcano tour, you can also combine trips to two completely different types of coastline, Costa Rica's Caribbean and Pacific beaches are great Costa Rica adventures. Costa Rica even has extensive jungle area, that up till now has been well preserved. The wildlife is enough to interest even the most hard-to-please naturalist, with literally hundreds of species of rare mammals and birds; some you just can't see anywhere but Costa Rica.

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