Costa Rica Beach Hotels

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Your plans will be complete once you narrow in on the Costa Rica beach hotels you have to choose from. The country's 785 miles of pristine coastline and rain forests have already called your name, repeatedly. You've settled on the Pacific northwest for a number of reasons.

The Offerings of Costa Rica Beach Hotels

Costa Rica is legendary on a number of fronts. Surfing and deep sea fishing are two that come to mind almost immediately. Both the Caribbean and the Pacific attract veterans of both sports, for good reason. On the Pacific is a year-round consistency of wave swells, many beach breaks, and a few point breaks. In the Pacific are marlin and mahi mahi and yellow tuna. In the Caribbean are coral reefs and inland fishing. Its marine eco-systems make snorkeling attractive as well as scuba diving.

Given how small the country is, Costa Rica beach hotels are perfectly good bases for exploring the interior of the country as well. Remember, Costa Rica is somewhat smaller than West Virginia. If you've rented a car at the airport, you can travel fairly easily almost anywhere within a few hours. Golf courses and national parks are all within reach.

In the interior are the volcanic mountains, the whitewater rafting, the rain forests. Costa Rica is a birdwatcher's wonderland, with about 850 species of birds that include scarlet macaws, blue-gray tanagers, and crimson-fronted parakeets. Your Costa Rica beach hotels won't be too far from Monteverde either. There, high in its cloud forest, is the resplendent quetzel, which no serious birdwatcher would willingly miss.

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