Costa Rica Beach Hotels

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Costa Rica beach hotels are simply some of the most enjoyable in the world. The service is great, thanks to the friendly people, the scenery is breathtaking, and there is even excitement too, to complete the vacation package. There are literally dozens of really great Costa Rica beach hotels, but let's take a look at one or two exceptional ones.

Great Costa Rica Beach Hotels

For spectacular views, lots to do and unsurpassed luxury, Cala Luna in Tamarindo is hard to beat. Here you will have your pick of volcanic terrain (active too), both rainforest and deciduous forest, and even shoreline. You can choose from fabulous guest rooms in the hotel, or secluded villas of your choice. This element of choice is important to today's traveler, and you'll find that many Costa Rica beach hotels are very conscious of what the traveler wants.

The Marparaiso in Jaco beach is another of those distinguished Costa Rica beach hotels. While not as exclusive as the Cala Luna, you will still find that there is plenty to see and do here, and the accommodation is excellent. Located on the beach, only a few strides from the shoreline, there's lots to interest children and grownups. In addition to lots of tours and events, the hotel arranges tournaments in several sports activities such as volleyball for kids, so you'll be sure they are well occupied.

Once you've done some research on Costa Rica beach hotels, you'll find that it's hard to find a travel agent that will cater to all your needs, as moving around on vacation is half the fun. Bear in mind that some forward thinking agents will allow you to create your own itinerary, and like to think of themselves as your personal friend on the ground. This kind of personalized service is really what you want if you are used to being your own person and choosing your own fun.

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