Costa Rica Beaches

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you're looking for variety, then Costa Rica beaches are the perfect location for you. There are two completely different coastlines; the Caribbean side, and the Pacific coast, that are as different as it's possible to be. Furthermore, the two coastlines vary considerably within themselves. Whichever side you're planning to visit it's worth doing some research before you pick a spot.

Variety of Costa Rica Beaches

Probably more popular than any other Costa Rica beaches as tourist locations, some of the beaches on the Caribbean side offer the spectacular attraction of giant sea turtles. These amazing creatures are loved by everyone, old and young alike. But there are also plenty of beaches here that offer snorkeling, surfing, jet skiing and fishing. Occasionally there will be a beach that is not clean enough for swimming, so do check up on this before you choose a location.

Less rugged, the Atlantic Coast offers stretches of exotic white sand dotted with palm trees. There are a wide selection of different levels of ruggedness, different colors of sand, and different attractions on both the Pacific and Atlantic sides. That is part of the beauty of Costa Rica; it's so hard to choose what you want to see, there's just so much on offer.

Cahuita and Tortuguero are two of the most famous Costa Rica beaches on the Atlantic side. At Cahuita you will be close to a national park. You will find protected coral reef (be careful because you can injure yourself on coral reef while swimming), and lots of intriguing marine life. You can only get to Tortuguero by boat or plane, so it is fairly exclusive. The big attraction here is that you can see manatees, giant sea turtles and more.

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