Costa Rica Boutique Hotels

Written by Christa Gatewood
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When you are looking for a hotel in a foreign country, the first thing you have to decide is what kind of hotel you desire. The size and style of a hotel has a lot to do with what kind of experience you will have when you stay there. Choosing which type of hotel you prefer will help you plan your overall vacation.

Large hotels typically offer a lot of tourist services such as a concierge and scheduled tours. The rooms tend to be rather cookie cutter, but the quality is typically more standardized. Hotels like these tend to appeal to families because they usually offer services for all ages. You most likely will have to trade off style and distinctiveness for the ease of staying in a large hotel.

Staying in a Boutique Hotel in Costa Rica

Smaller boutique hotels have a more charming feel. Because they typically have less than 30 rooms or so, they can provide personal attention for all of their guests. Staying in a boutique hotel feels more like staying in a home away from home. Large hotels are more impersonal.

Boutique hotels are very popular in Costa Rica because they fit into the general personality of the region. Ticos, as Costa Rican's call themselves, are known for being laid back and friendly. When you stay in a boutique hotel you should not be surprised if the staff quickly learns your name and is very eager to assist you. The other guests at these hotels are also great to interact with. Many people make friends in these situations that last a lifetime.

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