Costa Rica Condominiums

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Costa Rica condominiums, it suddenly occurs to you, are a possibility. You've already been looking into real estate investments. You hadn't thought of Central America. You should have, given the country's 785 miles of pristine beaches, its rain forests, and incredible eco-systems and biodiversity.

The sort of Costa Rica condominiums you recently stayed in when you were in the country on holiday, however, might be just the right answer. Think about it for a minute. You can still hear the Pacific surf crashing onto the white sand.

Costa Rica Condominiums: 1-2-3-4 Real Estate Law FAQ

Costa Rica condominiums may or may not introduce the issue of beach front access. Costa Rica law stipulates that all beach front is common property. "Beach front" is specifically defined as the first 50 meters (164 feet) above the mean tide line. That is, access to that 50 meters cannot be restricted as "private property." Furthermore, along 85 percent of Costa Rica coastline, the government has jurisdiction over the 150 meters (492 feet) above the first 50.

Foreigners are permitted to own real estate in Costa Rica and are granted equal rights under the law. Foreigners do not have to live in Costa Rica to own property there. Foreigners are not permitted local financing for real estate transactions. It is incumbent on the new owner to properly register title with the Registro de la Propiedad.

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