Costa Rica Diving

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you're set on experiencing Costa Rica diving for yourself, you'll be looking for the location with the best marine life and the best visibility. Drake Bay on the Oso Peninsula is considered a prime location for diving vacations in Costa Rica. The advantage of choosing Drake Bay for your Costa Rica diving resort is that you'll be able to relax in the knowledge that there is lots of other excitement for any members of your group who may not be divers.

Advantages of Costa Rica Diving

Perhaps you're not really a diver yourself? Costa Rica diving centers are the perfect place to actually learn how to scuba dive. They offer lots of really reasonably priced certification courses that will have you on your way in no time. To find out more, ask your travel agent about scuba diving courses in Costa Rica.

In particular, Cano Island off the Oso Peninsula is home to some of the most spectacular marine life anywhere in South America. In addition to sharks, which you'll probably want to steer clear of, you can observe all kinds of rare fish up close and personal. Observe giant manta rays and sea turtles, along with angel fish and psychedelic sea slugs. Some lucky people even get to observe the occasional whale. Of course the coral reef that is a feature of Costa Rica coastal waters is a spectacular attraction too.

Peurto Viejo, south of Cahuita is also a great Costa Rica diving location. Others include Playa del Coco, Ocotal and Hermosa. The greatest advantage to choosing the Oso Peninsula for your Costa Rica diving experience is that at night you'll be able to enjoy first class dining and superb hotels as a perfect end to your day.

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