Costa Rica Ecotourism

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Being an ecotourist in Costa Rica is about following certain guidelines when it comes to your vacation as well as adopting an overall ecotourism philosophy. The philosophy behind ecotourism has to do with learning as you travel and causing as little impact on the natural environment of your destination as possible.

Being an ecotourist starts before you ever leave home. It is important to study about the location you are traveling to. What are the people like? What is the economy like? What types of climates does that location have? Learning as much about an area as possible will help you to travel responsibly and respectfully.

Ecotourism Activities in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has an abundance of activities that appeal to ecotourists. The lush rainforest offers endless opportunities to explore and experience the many species of plant life and wildlife. There are nearly 600 mammal, reptile and amphibian species to be found, over 800 species of birds, and approximately 13,000 species of plants. If arthropods such as insects, spiders and crabs interest you, there are more than 365,000 species already identified.

Being able to see these many species of flora and fauna is a great experience, but every ecotourist must follow certain guidelines so as not to negatively affect the environment. When watching wildlife, keep a safe distance away, never feed any of the animals, and don't harass them to get their attention for a great picture. Don't collect any of the things you see along the trails like flowers, seeds, or rocks. Be respectful of the area, and never leave any garbage behind. The goal of ecotourism is to learn and observe without causing any harm.

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