Costa Rica Fishing Vacations

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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When it comes to Costa Rica fishing vacations, the first choice you'll have to make is between the Caribbean and the Pacific. It is true enough that the deep sea fishing in the Pacific is what the country is most famous for--the marlin and sailfish and mahi mahi, for a start. Some of the best tarpon and snook fishing in the world, however, is to be found in Costa Rica's rivers and canals off the Caribbean.

All this being said, the real problem might be in focusing on the fishing portion of your Costa Rica fishing vacations. After all, there are some 785 miles of coastline, the majority on the Pacific. The country is bisected by ragged and volcanic mountains, and covered in rain forests. Its breathtaking natural biodiversity is world renowned.

The country disbanded its army more than 50 years ago. All the funding it might have spent on the military has instead been spent on education and its national parks and eco-systems (this plays into your Costa Rica fishing vacations). One of these, Tortuguero National Park, is on the Caribbean near one of its prime fishing area.

Costa Rica Fishing Vacations: an Angler's Delight

The cobalt waters of the Pacific are host to some of the finest fishing in this part of the world. Your options are many for deepwater fish. The marlin season peaks in October, though September and November can also be rewarding. You'll find sailfish from December through April, when they move north. Tuna are around year round, but especially from June through September. As far as inland fish go, snook seem to be most plentiful from July through November, the rainy season. Tarpon are always around, but their traditional high season lasts from December through May.

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