Costa Rica Holidays

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Going on holiday is not only a great opportunity to relax and recharge, it is a great opportunity to see the world and try something new. Vacationers from places such as Britain, Ireland and Scotland enjoy travelling to different locations during their holidays and Costa Rica seems to be one of the favorites. There are so many fabulous locations around the world, but Costa Rica offers something that most other regions of the world cannot--a true getaway. Staying relatively close to home is safe and easy, but Europe doens't offer the dense rainforests, exotic wildlife and romance of Central America.

Costa Rica--Hot New Destination for Holiday

A new trend has been emerging in which Europeans are taking more exotic vacations. Places like Costa Rica are becoming more popular with vacationers from around the world, yet Costa Rica is still unspoiled by hordes of tourists. There are fabulous hotels for very affordable prices, and the natural beauty of the rainforests and the miles of coastline are unparalleled.

Costa Rica is a great place to get away from the cool weather that is so typical of places such as England and Ireland, particularly during the late autumn to early spring. This is actually the high season in Costa Rica. The average temperature is over 85 degrees on the coasts. The Pacific coast tends to be slightly warmer, but the humidity is less than on the Caribbean coast, so it generally feels more pleasant. The dry season is also during high season.

Spending the Holidays in Sunny Costa Rica

The winter holiday season falls right in the middle of Costa Rican high season. For this reason, it is one of the most sought after booking times, and it can cost a premium. Premium resorts in Costa Rica, however, still cost far less than many comparable Caribbean and South Pacific resorts.

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