Costa Rica Honeymoons

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Think about what you want in a honeymoon. Do you want to spend the entire time cuddled in your new husband or wife's arms, seeing the sights from the comfort of a private terrace? Do you want to have an amazing adventure with your new spouse that you will remember fondly for years to come? Do you want to do a little of both? No matter what your answers to the previous questions, Costa Rica is the perfect place to make all of your honeymoon dreams a reality.

Costa Rica--The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Costa Rica is such a perfect honeymoon destination because it has something for every type of couple. If you want to stay in all day you can rent a gorgeous villa nestled at the edge of the jungle overlooking the ocean. The views from your villa will make you never want to leave.

However, if you would rather dive into your marriage full force with an exciting adventure, there are plenty of diversions to choose from in Costa Rica. You can go sport fishing on either the Caribbean or Pacific coast. You can go rafting or kayaking down rivers in dense jungle rainforests. You can learn to surf or windsurf on some of the best waves around. You can even go scuba diving with sharks on a treasure hunting expedition. There are really some amazing opportunities for once in a lifetime experiences.

Costa Rica is basically a year round vacation spot. It really only has two seasons, the dry season and the green season. Even during the green season, which is typically from spring to fall for Americans, there is still an average of five hours of sunshine every day. Besides, the temperatures are over 80 degrees on the coasts most days of the year.

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