Costa Rica Jungle Lodges

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Costa Rica is known the world over for its ecotourism. Environmentally conscious vacationers revel in the luxury provided by the lodging while also becoming a part of sustainable tourism. This is most true for lodges and villas that are located in the heart of and on the outskirts of the jungle.

Most of the lodging built in the jungle adheres to the philosophy of minimum impact. The buildings themselves are built so as to cause as little impact on the location site as possible. No trees in the area are typically cut down; rather the buildings are constructed into and around the natural landscape. The materials are either brought in by raft or bought from the locals. Natural vegetation is used to enhance the landscaping and attract local fauna.

Jungle Living Without Sacrificing Comfort

Costa Rican developers have become quite skilled at creating environmentally friendly lodging without sacrificing the comfort of a first-class hotel. You may be imagining thatched huts and beds, but that is not typically the case. The furnishings of many jungle lodges are as upscale as any four star hotel. Additionally, all of the modern conveniences are available such as running water, electricity (in most cases), septic tanks, etc.

There is, however, an added dimension to the experience when the hotel is in the jungle. Many of the lodges incorporate the outdoor beauty into the design of the lodge or villa. Most have private terraces or retractable doors that allow the fresh air to enter the room. That way the natural vegetation becomes part of the lodging.

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