Costa Rica Nightlife

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Something in the tropical climate and mix of Pacific and Caribbean breezes, perhaps, is behind Costa Rica nightlife. By all rights you should be tired. You've spent entire days enjoying the many activities that this jewel of Central America offers. But you're not tired and you want to make the most of your time down here near the equator. There are almost as many possibilities for the evening as there are for the day.

Whether bird watching in rain forests, scuba diving in coral reefs, surfing breakpoints, or going for 36 holes on a pro-quality golf course in the shadow of a rain forest, you might think that at the end of the day you would want to relax. After all, you return to your resort, change mental gears in your suite, and head to the swimming pool precisely to unwind from the activities.

It has indeed been a long day. The tropical sun has taken its toll. The office is mercifully very far away. You think about restaurants and dinner and talk with other guests or your companions. Suddenly you find yourself at the poolside bar and realize that Costa Rica nightlife is only warming up.

The Many Possibilities for Costa Rica Nightlife

On the one hand are casinos and clubs to occupy your after dinner and after-dinner hours. How better to round off a day of activity in the tropics than with Latin music and karaoke and dancing? On the other hand is the possibility of things you cannot find further north. Maybe you'd enjoy a walk or a horseback ride along the white sand beach when the tropical sun isn't shining. Nighttime scuba diving to see the cup coral, which blooms only at night, is another possibility for incredible Costa Rica nightlife.

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