Costa Rica Pura Vida

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The Costa Rica Pura Vida is a tropical paradise in the true meaning of the word. In fact, it's so perfect it's a popular location for destination weddings and honeymoons. Couples wanting to get married here can choose from some really stunning settings, such as beneath a waterfall, or on the beach at sunset. The weather is always right for the occasion, and the people will make it all happen for your dream wedding.

Attractions at Costa Rica Pura Vida

But there's a lot more to Costa Rica Pura Vida than just romance. There are the delights of this rainforest setting, hot springs, beaches, and more. Whatever you have in mind you can really indulge yourself in this perfect vacation environment.

Costa Rica Pura Vida Spa is just the place for you if you'd like to combine stunning scenery and a pristine environment with the unadulterated luxury that is a feature of this spa. A Yoga and wellness retreat that leaves nothing to be wished for in terms of beauty, tranquility and pampering, Pura Vida is also a location where you can meet up with like-minded souls in your quest for an antidote to the stresses of everyday life. If the only thing that might put you off about visiting such a spa is the image of regimentation that they're often associated with, let the management of Pura Vida put your mind at rest.

Your Costa Rica Pura Vida choice will put you in the happy position of being able to choose what you take advantage of in terms of the spa amenities. This will also leave you free to enjoy the surrounding attractions, which are many. Wildlife of all kinds, lush foliage and a great range of water attractions will all be yours in this beautiful corner of Costa Rica.

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