Costa Rica Rentals

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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No matter what activities you opt for during your holiday in this tiny jewel of Central America, Costa Rica rentals are a good option. Equipment may be what you need. It might be a wetsuit or fishing rods or golf clubs or scuba gear, for example. This is certainly the case if you'll be sampling from more than one or two of Costa Rica's sporting adventures available. More than likely, you won't take the overland route the 2,580 miles from Brownsville, Texas. You'll fly into the country and may very well want to rent a car--despite a good public transportation system. If you're on an orchestrated tour, all your Costa Rica rentals will probably be taken care of for you.

Car rental agencies are centered around Costa Rica's two international airports, but have a number of locations elsewhere. Rates range, depending on the vehicle type, from perhaps $150 to $450 per week. Once your mode of transportation is out of the way, you're off to enjoy the beauties of the country.

The Joys of Costa Rica Rentals

The Ticos--as Costa Ricans refer to themselves--are a very hospitable people. Perhaps this is due in part to the climate, perhaps to the richness of the country, perhaps to their peaceable nature. They look after their guests, and part of that is in the Costa Rica rentals they make available. You'll want to read up online, to make sure that the tour you select or the resorts you choose offer all the rental equipment you'll need to enjoy the best of Costa Rica.

If you're surfing you'll want a board, a wetsuit, and a leash. If you're scuba diving you'll need even more gear. Perhaps you've opted for a sampling of white water rafting amidst the rain forests. Maybe you're deep bluewater fishing. If so, tackle, a boat, bait, and fishing rods come into play. Maybe your tour is a combination of activities--kayaking, golf, eco-travel, horseback riding along the beach, and snorkeling, for example.

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