Costa Rica Resorts

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Your personal style will determine how you plan your vacation and select among the many available Costa Rica resorts. If you opt for an entirely packaged tour, of course, you're entrusting this precious little clump of time to someone else. You've chosen the country. Let's presume you will select among the Costa Rica resorts as well.

Narrowing Your Focus on Costa Rica Resorts

For a small country barely the size of West Virginia, this little jewel of Central America offers a dizzying array of options in every category. Staying in one resort for your entire stay is one possibility. Most of the country is within two or three hours of everywhere else, however, so another possibility is to spend several nights in several different areas of the country. The choice is always yours. Let's presume you're choosing one among many Costa Rica resorts and basing there for the entire stay.

The first item on your list is to select either the Caribbean or the Pacific. Because you're not only sleeping in the resort, it might as well be one in full view of deep blue salt water, pristine beaches, and spectacular sunsets. The rain forests and volcanic river valleys of the interior are only a couple hours away at best.

The second item is to find a resort that offers the most of what you want to make the most of on this particular Costa Rica vacation. If you're aiming for a bit of everything--surfing, golf, scuba diving, nightlife, horseback riding on the beach, bird watching in mangrove swamps and rain forests--well, then, you might want to hone in on and research the northwest of Costa Rica around Tamarindo, perhaps.

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