Costa Rica Scuba Diving

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Because Costa Rica scuba diving is among the best in the world, you will find dive centers dotted about all round Costa Rica's coastline. What follows is a very brief guide to the best of Costa Rica diving venues. It's generally agreed that the best diving is to be had on Costa Rica's Pacific Coast, where there isn't quite so much coral but there are plenty of fish.

Picking a Spot for Costa Rica Scuba Diving

Of course the main attraction to Costa Rica scuba diving is the extensive coral reefs and the diverse marine life. Many divers look for clarity of water to enhance their diving experience. Muddy waters will mean that you miss a lot of the sights to be seen, even if they are rare and fascinating.

It's a fact that you will see many diving venues around Costa Rica hailed as the "best in the country." To be fair, it must be hard to decide. This wonderful country has many diving spots that could qualify; how to choose between them? When it comes down to it, assessing Costa Rica scuba diving is a personal thing, and you'll have to make your own mind up, having sampled some of the delights.

Of all the possible spots, experienced divers often go for Playa del Coco, Hermosa and Ocotal. While the Hermosa beach is attractive and calm, many people are amazed at the wonderful diving to be had from Playa del Coco because it is very dark and to some, unattractive. Just off of these beaches, dive centers offer trips to the Bat Islands and Culebra Bay.

A lot of divers swear that the best Costa Rica scuba diving is to be had off the Oso Peninsula in Drake Bay. A great advantage to diving in this area is that the food and accommodation is great, and there's plenty to do once you come out of the water. Although these are considered the best of Costa Rica scuba diving, they are by no means the only ones.

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