Costa Rica Snorkeling

Written by Christa Gatewood
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The numerous coral formations along the coast of Costa Rica make snorkeling one of many great activities you can choose from when on vacation. In addition to the brilliant live coral, there are hundreds of species of fish to be seen. Some of these fish include puffer, snapper, grouper, king angel, barracuda, parrotfish, and many more. There are also several types of eels that hide in and around the coral formations. A lucky snorkeler might have an encounter with a turtle or a shark. Don't worry, most of these sharks are non-aggressive.

A Day of Snorkeling in Costa Rica

When you go snorkeling, the time you spend viewing the fish is not the only fun part. Typically you leave in the morning and take a boat out to one of many snorkeling spots off the coast. There is often food and drinks on the boat and the trip itself can be quite enjoyable. You then hop in the water with your fins, mask, and snorkel and set out to see the sea life.

Following the snorkeling you may enjoy a light lunch with your fellow snorkelers and will most likely have a chance to swim in the water free of your equipment. Swimming in open water can be an exhilarating experience and one that people don't often have.

The waters on the coast of the Pacific are frequented by spotted, spinner and bottlenose dolphins. On the trip out to and back from the snorkeling spot, it is likely that you will be joined by one or more of these playful animals. They typically swim in front of or beside the boat and are always a crowd pleaser.

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