Costa Rica Sport Fishing

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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An angler's dream come true, Costa Rica sport fishing has a lot to offer whether you look to the Caribbean or the Pacific. Some of the world's best snook and tarpon fishing is what you'll find on the Caribbean. Off the white sands of the Pacific, however, Costa Rica sport fishing brings you--to name just three--giant tuna, marlin, and sailfish. You'll want to opt for one or the other in any one vacation.

Costa Rica Sport Fishing Options

On the Caribbean, you'll be fishing canals and rivers and a few lakes. Snook and tarpon both move freely between salt and fresh water. During Costa Rica's dry season--December through April or May--these "king of game fish" are in fresh water. Barra del Coronado is the Eastern seaboard's largest watershed. Snook is a prized Costa Rican game fish, in part because they taste good, and in part because they're intelligent and catching them is a challenge.

Deep bluewater fishing on the Pacific, however, is perhaps the most exciting part of Costa Rica sport fishing. That's where you find the glamorous and picturesque billfish, like the marlin and the sailfish. Experienced anglers flock here for a reason. Other fish caught regularly in Pacific include mahi mahi, snapper, roosterfish, and snapper.

Whether you're experienced and want to charter a boat, or inexperienced but want to try a guided fishing trip, the opportunities are many indeed. Costa Rica's Pacific resorts and ports offer access almost without exception. Some of the more southerly ports include Golfito, Drake Bay, Puntarenas, and Herradura Beach. In the northwest province of Guanacaste, fishing attracts experienced anglers year round. There are many ports, but Tamarindo, an especially popular resort, is particularly notable.

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