Costa Rica Surf Schools

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Finding more Costa Rica surf schools on the country's Pacific coast should come as no surprise. There is, after all, five times more coastline there than along the Caribbean. It's true enough that the country has earned its reputation among surfers thanks to that surf. Don't worry that it will be too much for you, though. Costa Rica surf schools--as the jingle might go--are there to help.

Learning at Costa Rica Surf Schools

A word or two about surf conditions for beginners seem in order. Comfortable water temperatures year round mean that you don't need a wet suit. Also, despite the long stretches of big waves that only veterans handle well, between the weather and a few protected spots, there are enough areas that'll you to find conditions you can be comfortable with.

One of the first lessons you'll absorb from Costa Rica surf schools has to do with waves. First you'll learn about the breaks, that is, the surface on which the wave bows to gravity. You will see beach, point, and reef breaks. As far as left and right are concerned, it's always from the perspective of the surfer. Peaks are those waves that a surfer can ride either left or right.

The second factor concerns wind, which, of course, helps determine waves. Onshore, offshore, and cross shore are the terms for winds. The worst for surfing is the onshore wind, which blows directly out from land to sea, pretty much making waves unsurfable. Cross shore is not a great improvement. Offshore winds are what you cross your fingers for.

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