Costa Rica Surfing

Written by Patricia Skinner
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It's absolutely no exaggeration to say that Costa Rica surfing is among the best in the world. Many world-class surfers come here, and it's even a great place to learn to surf. One of Costa Rica's most popular surfing locations is Tamarindo Bay, which was featured in the movie Endless Summer II. Other popular Costa Rica surfing locations are Hermosa Bay and Nosara to name just two.

There is also a surfing club at Witches rock which is gaining in popularity with surfers. Another popular location with surfers in the area is Ollie's Point. This location is more for experienced surfers, who just seem to love it. Stick to Tamarind Bay if you're a beginner.

Sheer Choice With Costa Rica Surfing

But with over 700 miles of coastline Tamarind Bay is far from the only place to surf in Costa Rica, and you're really going to be spoiled for choice. Both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts present ample opportunities for great surfing along with plenty of other activities. When you get tired of surfing, if that's possible, Costa Rica will still have you spellbound with it's pristine rainforest, choice of volcanos and many other water sports such as white water rafting, scuba diving and snorkeling.

So why is Costa Rica surfing so wonderful? For a beginning, constant, year-round warm waters are a big plus. When it gets colder in their home haunts, lots of obsessed surfers head for Costa Rica. Of course the waves are constant year-round too, and they vary from beach to beach so that you have naturally graded surfing schools for kids and adults who are learning.

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