Costa Rica Tours

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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No matter what your particular favorite activity is, the variety of Costa Rica tours is broad enough that you won't find it hard to match the two. This jewel of Central America--and it's smaller than the state of West Virginia--packs more into its sylphlike contours than ought to be allowed. With 785 miles of exquisite Pacific and Caribbean coastline separated by rough mountains, rain forests, and volcanoes, the country offers outdoor enthusiasts an almost paralyzing variety of choices. You'll find Costa Rica tours that let you specialize or sample, whatever suits your fancy.

Selecting among Costa Rica Tours

The active sports lover might want to spend a week or two luxuriating in a favorite activity. Perhaps a series of scuba dives at Costa Rica's variety of diving sites seems in order. You might want to make the most of a digital camera trained in turn on hammerhead sharks, cup coral reefs, or dolphin and seahorses.

Maybe a bit of it all is appealing. You could combine surfing, whitewater rafting, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, and a sailboat cruise. Then again, if you're more land oriented, you might prefer a week or two in a golf tour of what might be the PGA's newest mecca.

Another possibility for Costa Rica tours focus more on the naturalist. Home to more than 500,000 species of flora and fauna, the country is home to an astounding diversity of ecosystems. Its 850 bird species--more than in all of North America--and 1,200 species of orchids live in Costa Rica's rain forests, mangrove swamps, cloud forests, volcanic river beds, and beaches. You can opt for rain forest trail hikes or paddling estuary explorations or aerial trams across volcanic peaks. The choice is always yours.

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