Costa Rica Travel

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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The problem with the subject of Costa Rica travel is a simple one. The country is small, barely the size of West Virginia. It is a slender strip of land in the middle of Central America, bordered almost equally by Nicaragua, Panama, the Caribbean, and the Pacific. Bisected by volcanic mountains, rivers, rain forests, and amazing biodiversity, Costa Rica is flanked by some 785 miles of pristine white coastline. The problem is that there is much too much to say about Costa Rica travel. All of it is good.

A democratic country independent from Spain for more than 180 years, Costa Rica does not have or seem to need an army. It has instead a strong education system, solid technology and tourism sectors, and a fairly high standard of living. It also offers incredible hospitality, comfortable accommodations, and spectacular sunsets--especially in the wet season (from April through November).

Costa Rica Travel Options

Although you can get to Costa Rica by an overland route from Texas, you don't want to waste time covering 2,480 miles getting here. You might be a naturalist wanting to explore the many habitats and more than 500,000 species of flora and fauna living there. Perhaps the climate and slower pace is appealing. Maybe you'd enjoy the variety of white water rafting in the verdure of volcanic mountains one day, and scuba diving at night over beds of cup coral the next.

Then again, Costa Rica travel might entice you in part with its first-rate golf courses. Several of these meander amidst the Pacific with beautiful approach shots that you can barely conceive of while sitting in Ohio or Connecticut or Kentucky. Furthermore, the notion of a villa resort and restaurant that will cook the marlin you catch has likely caught you.

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