Costa Rica Travel Packages

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Perhaps the easiest decision you might ever make would be to say yes to any number of Costa Rica travel packages. You can't go wrong. The country--bounded to the west by the Pacific, to the north by Nicaragua, to the east by the Caribbean, and to the south by Panama--may be tiny but it is the jewel of Central America in many respects indeed. California is eight times as large, for example, but has only 55 more miles of coastline.

All Costa Rica travel packages will introduce you to the country's high points--its 785 miles of pristine white sand beaches, its volcanic mountains, its rain forests, and its amazing biodiversity. But the naturalist's delight in 850 bird species and 1,200 species of orchids is paralleled elsewhere.

There is, to begin with, the angler's delight in deepwater fishing in the Pacific, whether for the marlin or sailfish or mahi mahi. Costa Rica travel packages bring you all this. Let's not forget scuba divers who go out at night for the cup coral reefs off Tamarindo and the spectacular sunsets of the rainy season, or the schools of hammerhead shark off the Isla del Coco. Veteran surfers who know Jeffrey's Bay on the north shore of Hawaii flock to Costa Rica's Pacific shore.

The Practical Side of Costa Rica Travel Packages

You'll fly in to one of two international airports, one near the capital city of San Jose, another northwest some 135 miles at Liberia, near the Pacific coast. You'll need a visa only if you're staying longer than 90 days. You will be cautioned that the wet season, from April through November, is humid and evening thunderstorms common. You'll be told that temperatures are tropical, ranging from 80° to 100° Fahrenheit year round.

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