Costa Rica Travel Specials

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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If you have already identified Costa Rica as a worthy destination you ought to know that Costa Rica travel specials aren't necessary. The country is special enough already. I'm playing with words to some extent, of course, but I am also very serious.

The "Special" in Costa Rica Travel Specials

A slender strip of land in Central America, Costa Rica's water/land border ratio is roughly 2:1. The Pacific and the Caribbean between them take 785 miles. Nicaragua and Panama take 397. Running north and south through the center of Costa Rica are rain forest-embraced mountains that include 100 volcanic cones and four volcanoes, two of which are active.

Any self-respecting Costa Rica travel specials will take the virtues of this jewel of Central America into account, if there's room on the brochure or web page. These virtues include the rainforest, 850 species of birds, 1,200 species of orchids, 3.5 million hospitable people, and more butterflies than people. They also include white water rafting and kayaking in national parks of the interior, amidst the rainforest-edged rivers.

They include deep sea fishing on the Pacific coast and golfing on a Trent Jones or Fazio course. It's up to Costa Rica travel specials to make the most of these offerings. Hotels would include full kitchens, ocean views, and a veranda or balcony. Amenities would incorporate a restaurant willing to cook the marlin or mahi mahi caught that day, air conditioning, help in arranging tee times, a sailing cruise, or a guided tour to the protected nesting grounds of the great leatherback turtles.

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