Costa Rica Vacation Packages

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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As you plan for your two weeks off, you have a choice between Costa Rica vacation packages or flying into San Jose or Liberia and figuring everything else out as you go. It's a matter of style in some respects. It's a matter of practicality in others. This little gem of Central America--at best half the size of the state of Kentucky--offers so much, you want to make the most of your time.

After all, there are perhaps 785 miles of pristine coastline between the Pacific and the Caribbean. In the 100 to 120 miles between the two are volcanoes and rain forests. For the naturalist, this means a breathtaking delight of biodiversity. For the sports enthusiast this means a dizzying array of activities. For visitors--no matter which of the many Costa Rica vacation packages is finally decided on--this means the beachfront restaurants, brilliant wet season sunsets, ocean breezes, white sand beaches, and relaxing tropical temperatures.

Costa Rica Vacation Packages: the Naturalist's Options

Having gained its independence from Spain in 1821, Costa Rica settled down to democracy soon enough. By 1948 it had abolished its army. Much of the funding that the rest of the world tends to spend on armaments and the military was diverted to Costa Rica's education and national park system. There are 23 national parks.

The country is home to more than 500,000 species of flora and fauna. Of these, 1,200 are orchids and 850 are birds--more than all of North America's. The great diversity of habitats is one reason behind this richness. Ecosystems include rain forests, mangrove swamps, beaches, cloud forest, and volcanic river valleys. Visitors can opt for specific Costa Rica vacation packages from home, or wait until they arrive. Most resorts offer a generous assortment of packages.

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