Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Whatever your vacation budget, you can find Costa Rica vacation rentals to suit you. From an apartment, to a small beach house, or a large luxury villa, it's all available wherever in Costa Rica you want to be. If you love the beach, then a beach house it shall be. Or maybe you'd find it more exciting to be able to watch the sun go down behind the Arenal volcano? Perhaps you would love to experience jungle living for a while, and that's possible too.

Like most of us, maybe you're into luxury. In this case you might choose a luxurious condominium form among the vast range of Costa Rica Vacation Rentals. If you want luxury on the beach, try Flamingo Bay. There's also the famous Tango Mar resort, where you can hire executive homes any size you want.

Privately Owned Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

In fact you'll find desirable privately owned Costa Rica vacation rentals throughout Costa Rica. On the Mal Pais beach, you will mostly find people who love to surf. It is a surfer's paradise and you can rent a house or a condominium so that you can step right onto the beach in the morning, and step right off into your home-from-home once you've finished.

Renting a little way away from your chosen destination will give you cheaper Costa Rica vacation rentals, and these vacation homes can be every bit as luxurious and comfortable as the more expensive ones. But if you consider commuting to and from the beach or your other chosen spot a waste of time, then you'll want to pay a little extra and get a vacation home that's situated exactly where you want it. Whether you love snorkeling, diving, fishing, surfing, hiking or some other pursuit, you can find exactly what you're looking for at a price in Costa Rica.

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