Costa Rica Vacation Spots

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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For a country less than half the size of Kentucky, the number of Costa Rica vacation spots is almost paralyzing. This little gem of Central America is simply overwhelming. With 785 miles of pristine white sand beach and fewer than 400 miles of land border--Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south--Costa Rica has a great deal to offer.

Coastal plains are separated by rain forest and mountains, among which are two active volcanoes and the capital city of San Jose. Your choice of Costa Rica vacation spots lies within a 250-miles stretch north to south and an east-west stretch of about 100 miles wide on average. Costa Rica is a naturalist's wonderland and a birdwatcher's paradise. The country has 23 natural parks, an amazing variety of eco-systems, more than 850 species of birds, and 1,200 species of orchids.

The Many Choices among Costa Rica Vacation Spots

You might opt for Costa Rica vacation spots in the south of the country. The Penisula de Osa is one example, with its Cordovado national park. You can walk through lowland tropical rain forest for days there. Toward the center of the country, on the Pacific coast, is the Carara Biological Reserve.

Of course, there are as many sporting activities, tours, and hot spots as there are natural wonders. Your idea of Costa Rica vacation spots might understandably center on deepsea fishing, for which northwestern Costa Rica is famous. Surfing is renowned on both coasts, especially the Pacific, where the wave swells are consistent year round. Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular as well. White water rafting and kayaking abound in the interior. Costa Rica is also fast earning renown for its golf courses, which include a Fazio course near San Jose and a Trent Jones in the northwest.

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