Costa Rica Vacations

Written by Patricia Skinner
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No wonder Costa Rica vacations are the dream destination of so many experienced travelers. Costa Rica is one of those wonderful locations that combine a multitude of different environments so that it's as if you're doing a world tour. You can see so many breathtaking sights all at once. Not yet awash with tourists, Costa Rica is a secret paradise for those in the know.

Costa Rica Vacations can give you all you crave of waterfalls, fast flowing rivers, jungle, and wildlife. There's even a volcano that provides regular displays for the benefit of onlookers. The diverse ecosystems that make up Costa Rica support over 10,000 different kinds of flowering plants, 850 various bird species, an amazing 3,000 different kinds of butterflies, and 209 kinds of animals. So whether you're a scientist, or simply a person wanting to experience an unspoiled environment, Costa Rica vacations have a great deal to offer in every way.

Why Cost Rica Vacations?

Costa Rica is famed for its bird population, which includes many rare and beautiful species. Take the Resplendent Quetzal for example, which is judged by many to be the most beautiful bird in the Western hemisphere. Also to be found are Toucans and Macaws, and even Indigo Capped Hummingbirds. Sightings of these birds are held to be among the greatest privileges of dedicated birdwatchers everywhere.

If you like beaches, Costa Rica has two vastly diverse from each other, being situated between the Pacific and the Caribbean. On the Caribbean side you will find mangrove swamps and sandy beaches. On the Pacific side is rocky and rugged and about five times as long as the Caribbean coastline. Because it is tropical, you can only experience two seasons in Costa Rica; wet and dry. There is no cold to speak of.

If you don't like rain, then take your Costa Rica vacation between late December and April. If you don't mind a little rain, you can take your vacation anytime. Because it is a mountainous country, the main influence on weather temperatures is altitude. For example, San Jose is referred to as having eternal spring, where the temperatures stay at around 60° Fahrenheit. For those who like it hot, the coastal areas should be their destination, where the temperature is often around 86° Fahrenheit during the day on the Caribbean coast and warmer still on the Pacific coast, both being also very humid.

Transport in Costa Rica

Getting around during Costa Rica vacations should not be a great problem. Because most Costa Ricans do not have cars, the public transport system is well developed and quite reliable. The buses, while not particularly comfortable, are at least cheap and frequent. The railway system is no longer working since the 1991 earthquake. There are internal airlines, but seats need to be booked far in advance. If you prefer not to travel with so many people, you can hire a car or a taxi for any length of journey you like.

Despite the slowly rising stream of tourists taking Costa Rica vacations, and the development that normally accompanies flourishing tourism, Costa Rica is still protected by a conservation program that is one of the most ambitious in all of South America. In addition to participating in "debt for nature" swaps, where some of a country's national debt is cancelled in return for conservation, there is also a booming eco tourism business. In addition, despite conservation, there is still deforestation taking place, mainly to make way for cattle ranching. But on the whole, Costa Rica vacations will still offer you access to some of the most unspoiled biodiversity on the planet.

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