Costa Rica Villa Rentals

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Renting a villa in Costa Rica is a perfect way to experience the natural surroundings along with the comforts of first-class lodging. Villas are typically located either on the edge of the jungle, in the jungle, or on the beach. They usually have private terraces that open to brilliant landscaping. Many of the villas have their own fully-equipped kitchen and a large floorplan. Villas combine indoor and outdoor living typically using either large sliding doors or retractable walls. Bringing the outdoors in provides a relaxing natural experience. Moreover, villas are usually detached from other structures offering a lot of privacy and the feeling of a home away from home.

Renting a Villa In Costa Rica

The Internet is a great resource when it comes to finding a villa for rent in Costa Rica. You will be able to choose from hundreds up and down both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. There are also many located inside the dense jungle of Costa Rica’s interior. Those villas are more like lodges and are great options for those who enjoy ecotourism.

For the luxury that you will find in the villas of Costa Rica, you will be surprised at the low price. Villas of these sizes and quality are often well over $1,000 a night in other areas of the world. In Costa Rica they max out at around $400 a night.

Before choosing a villa to rent, you should check it out with the various tourist guidebooks. If you can’t get a first hand recommendation, a guidebook is the next best option. Doing proper research will ensure the quality of your accommodations.

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