Costa Rica Villas

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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It may be that you're thinking of Costa Rica villas as an investment rather than as a holiday destination. Whether the property you envision lies on Caribbean or the Pacific coast, the thought is not a bad one. You are certainly not alone. The option is viable.

The Pluses of Costa Rica Villas and Real Estate

Foreigners may own title to real estate--be it Costa Rica villas or condominiums or a restaurant or business property. They are afforded equal rights under Costa Rican law when they do. You do not need to live in Costa Rica for any part of the year to hold property.

You're convinced, then, that you want to buy into Costa Rica villas fronting those pristine Pacific white sand beaches? You might want to bear a few other facts in mind as you think about it. Beaches in Costa Rica are common property. Specifically, the first 50 meters (164 feet) above the mean tide line is, by law, public. Additionally, on about 85 percent of Costa Rican coastline, the next 150 meters (492 feet) are government controlled. No beach can be designated as private and access to it cannot be restricted.

You are also not, as a foreigner, permitted any local financing for real property transactions. Some investment properties do offer financing. It's important to understand that this is not the typical 15- or 30-year mortgage term most Americans are accustomed to at home. Before you accept such an offer, you'll probably want to talk with real estate attorneys both in the United States and Costa Rica.

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