Costa Rica Wedding Planners

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Getting a wedding planner to assist you in the preparations for your Costa Rican wedding is essential. Not being able to physically be there all the time will drive you crazy as your wedding approaches. Having a trusted wedding planner can make all of the difference.

If you can get a recommendation for a wedding planner, you should. That is the best option. Not all wedding planners are made equal, and your wedding is too important to trust an unqualified stranger. You should thoroughly research any planner before you hire him or her. Ask for references from couples he or she has recently worked with and call them. If you are getting married at a particular hotel, the hotel should either have planners on staff of be able to recommend a few. This is another good way to find a planner.

Using Your Wedding Planner Effectively

Don't rely entirely on your wedding planner if at all possible. You should help out by being in contact with your vendors and keeping a paper trail of all correspondence. If you have a concrete image of what you want your wedding to look like, you should send pictures to the planner as well as the vendors rather than describing it over the phone.

Wedding planners local to Costa Rica will have a wealth of information and expertise about the area. Let your planner suggest details that might make the wedding fit into the cultural landscape. Why go all the way to Costa Rica for your wedding if you are going to make it look like one that happened down the street? Your wedding planner can suggest local cuisine, music and favors that can enhance the theme of your wedding.

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