Destination Weddings

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Getting married in an exotic location is an increasingly popular trend with couples these days. Tropical locations top the list of the most popular spots. Beautiful beaches, gorgeous scenery and cultural flair make destination weddings such a popular choice.

There is more to planning a destination wedding, however, than just hopping on a plane and saying, "I do." Destination weddings take just as much planning as local weddings, if not more. You have to remember that you will be doing most of the research and booking over the phone. Call the phone company for a local phonebook to assist you with these calls.

Don't Plan a Destination Wedding Alone

Whether you are getting married in Costa Rica or Scandinavia, hiring a local planner is a must. You simply cannot get it all done properly without local help. A planner will be able to recommend vendors, photographers, locations, and even help you with the legal documentation that is required. Making the wedding legal is a very important part of the planning process. It is important that you find out what paperwork must be completed and what documentation is required for the marriage license.

It isn't necessary to visit the location before your wedding, as most planners have years of experience planning weddings without the wedding couple present. In most cases, you will simply communicate via telephone and email, sending pictures and descriptions that you would like to incorporate into your ceremony and reception. Allowing a planner to take care of everything leaves you with no responsibility and no stress, and that is the way most couples prefer it to be!

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