Exotic Vacation Spots

Written by Christa Gatewood
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International travel is becoming more and more accessible as airplane ticket prices become increasingly competitive. If you are willing to fly during off seasons, you can fly abroad for close to the price of domestic coast to coast tickets. These days an exotic vacation location is well within your reach.

Some of the hottest vacation spots are in Central America. The vibrant culture, friendly people, lush rainforests and pristine beaches make this area of the world particularly inviting. Traveling to Central America is very easy as most major airports offer service to and from the area. Individuals can find inexpensive flights from a variety of places, including Britain and the US.

Exotic New Vacation Destinations

Costa Rica and Belize are two of the hottest exotic vacation spots around. They both boast awesome scenery and hospitable locals. Costa Rica is known as a peace loving "Switzerland of Central America" because it disbanded its army more than 50 years ago. The country is proud of the fact that it has more teachers than policemen. Belize is a little piece of paradise nestled between Guatemala and Mexico. There is an endless supply of activities in which adventurers can partake while in this small but vibrant country. Snorkeling is one of the favorite activities as Belize is the home of the Western Hemisphere's longest barrier reef.

There are fabulous vacations to be had at many of the traditional vacation spots around the world like Hawaii, the Caribbean islands, and Mexico to be sure. However, visiting an unspoiled county like Costa Rica or Belize is an amazing and unique experience. So, if you are looking to break with the ordinary and try the extraordinary, places like these are great choices.

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