Gay Friendly Hotels

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Recently many hotels around the world have begun to market themselves as gay friendly. This means that they welcome vacationers who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transsexual. At these hotels, gay travelers don't have to worry about being closeted. They can enjoy all of the activities and amenities.

Every year gays and lesbians are increasing their share of the travel industry, and hotels and resorts are looking to capitalize on this lucrative market. Research has shown that gay and lesbian travel accounts for approximately 10 percent of the travel industry as a whole. Moreover, the percentage of gays and lesbians who travel abroad is eight times the national average for straight Americans. Some attribute this difference to the fact that gays and lesbians typically have more discretionary income than straight people because so few have the added expenses of raising children.

The Benefits of a Gay Friendly Hotel

Gay friendly getaways offer the opportunity to be open without fear for personal safety or discrimination. Of course, no hotel can guarantee that its guest will not experience any discrimination while on vacation, but at least your hotel experience will be a pleasant one. That makes a difference.

There are some added bonuses to staying in a gay-friendly hotel besides feeling welcomed. Some of these hotels have resources and information about activities and attractions for gay travelers. If you are looking for a gay or lesbian bar or restaurant, the concierge can usually point you in the right direction. They can also point you away from any establishments that might cause uncomfortable situations.

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