Gay Travel In Costa Rica

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Though the towns in Costa Rica may not take the top prize for gay travel, ( the honor really belongs to cities such as San Francisco, Sydney and Buenos Aires), there are a number of gay friendly areas that attract a crowd. Costa Rica is such a magnificent county and has so many exciting things to do, that it attracts tourists of all kinds. The charm of Costa Rica, however, is that it has been unspoiled by massive tourism, and there are still a number of places you can visit that seem untouched by outsiders altogether.

San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, is the home to the oldest gay disco in Central America. La Avispa, which translates to "the wasp," was built in 1979. This city has a vibrant if not vast gay community, and as with many big cities, there are several gay bars, restaurants, and clubs to choose from.

Gay Friendly Attractions in Costa Rica

One of the most popular and adored places in Costa Rica is Manuel Antonio National Park, located on the central Pacific coast of the country. There are a number of gay and lesbian hotels in this area as well as hotels that are gay friendly. This park is known for its beautiful white sand beaches and lush rainforest. There are also a lot of activities to be found including canopy tours, hiking, deep sea fishing, and horseback riding. There is even a gay naturist beach in the area.

Many of the gay and lesbian owned and/or operated hotels are small intimate properties that offer a sort of family feeling. The people are warm, open and inviting. In fact, Costa Ricans as a people are known for their friendliness, a huge bonus when traveling abroad.

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