Gay Travel Destination

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Countries all around the world are recognizing the significant contribution of gay tourism to their economies. For that reason, more hotels, resorts, and tourism boards are advertising in gay publications and featuring gay couples in their other media buys. Their goal is to attract a steady flow of gay tourists to their countries and increase their share in the gay travel industry. Consequently, it has never been easier to find a great vacation destination as a gay or lesbian tourist.

Hot Gay Travel Destinations

Several cities, including Sydney, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Bangkok, have become favorite vacation destinations with gay travelers over the years. However, with more countries wanting to capitalize on this lucrative segment of the travel industry, there are an increasing number of destinations that have a lot to offer gay travelers. Some of the up and coming hot spots include Buenos Aires, Rio de Janiero, South Africa, and Costa Rica.

A growing trend in gay travel is visiting places that offer adventurous recreation. Places like South Africa and Costa Rica overflow with adventurous activities. Some of the activities include safari tours, rainforest exploration, and all kinds of exciting water sports.

Commitment Ceremony in Paradise

Just as destination weddings are becoming more common, destination commitment ceremonies are also becoming popular. Many hotels in hot vacation destinations offer packages for commitment ceremonies. These packages may include all of the details for the ceremony and reception, honeymoon accommodations, and registration with the International Commitment Ceremony Registry. You may also be able to get discounted accommodations for your guests.

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