Gay Vacations

Written by Christa Gatewood
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A variety of travel companies have arisen over the past several years to cater to the gay and lesbian community. These companies can provide valuable information about gay friendly hotels, resorts, and vacations. There are some vacation tours and cruises that are designed specifically for the gay community.

Finding Gay Vacation Information

The Internet can be a valuable source when it comes to locating gay friendly vacation destinations. Several websites are dedicated to identifying countries and tourist spots that welcome people from the gay community. Moreover, there are a number of sites that can provide information about the gay infrastructure in cities all around the world. These sites can identify gay friendly bars, restaurants, hotels, clubs, beaches, etc. Most major cities have some kind of gay community, but being able to find the local hot spots is not always easy.

There are also quite a few guidebooks that focus on gay travel around the world. Whether it is picking out a gay bar in San Jose, Costa Rica or recommending a gay cruise, these books are great resources for gay travelers. You can find these books at most local bookstores, or in a variety of places online.

You can also consult a travel agent or agency that specializes in gay travel for more information and resources. If you are interested in scheduling your trip around a gay pride celebration, circuit party or other popular event, using an agent is a great idea. These locations can be mobbed with tourists, and the help of an agent can be invaluable.

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