Honeymoon Resorts

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Getting married is one of the most important events of a person's life. The months leading up to the wedding can be stressful and exhausting, but one of the things that keeps you moving forward is knowing that there are lights at the end of the tunnel. One of those lights is the honeymoon vacation.

In modern times, the honeymoon is the period directly after the marriage ceremony. This is generally regarded as the easiest stage of marriage, when a couple is totally in love and the future is bright. Many people choose to spend the first week or so as a married couple in seclusion on vacation. This allows them to bond as husband and wife while relaxing in a beautiful environment away from family, friends, and the pressures of everyday life.

The Origins of the Honeymoon Vacation

People are always fascinated by the etymological origins of colloquial phrases such as "honeymoon." There are many theories as to where this custom came from and why it has persisted through the ages. Some suggest that the term "honeymoon" derives from Babylonian times when the bride's father provided the groom with a month's supply of "honey beer." In this explanation, the "moon" is derived from the lunar calendar that marks the duration of the month.

Another explanation suggests that the term is actually derived from an ancient Norse tradition. The groom would kidnap the bride and hide her away for a period of time. The groom's family and friends would keep them both safe until the bride's family no longer looked for her.

Most modern etymologists, however, subscribe to the belief that the term "honeymoon" has a much simpler and more modern derivation. They assert that the term first appeared around the mid 1500s. The "honey" in "honeymoon" refers to the sweetest time in a marriage, and the "moon" refers to the waxing and waning of this time. Just as the moon comes and goes throughout the month, so does the sweetness of marriage. All of these explanations, however, may leave a sour taste in the mouths of the truly romantic.

What Makes a Great Honeymoon?

Despite the possibly prosaic origins of the tradition, today the honeymoon is a cherished part of the marriage union. Honeymoons can be as elaborate or simple as the couple desires. The best way to get the honeymoon you want is to examine what you like to do as a couple.

Creating a good and lasting marriage is about finding your identity as a couple. You may like to sky dive, but if your spouse is afraid of heights, that may not be a good honeymoon activity. You also have to remember that the purpose of the honeymoon is to spend time alone together so that you can return to your regular lives united. It's a good idea to choose a honeymoon resort that will provide an enjoyable vacation, but it should also afford you the private time you desire.

When choosing a honeymoon resort, why not opt for something a little out of the ordinary? After all, you are only supposed to have one first honeymoon. This is an opportunity to think outside the box and explore the world with your new husband or wife. Sharing an extraordinary and exotic experience is a great way to kick off a marriage that promises never to be dull.

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