Luxury Resorts

Written by Christa Gatewood
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These days it not very hard at all to find the perfect luxury resort for your next vacation. Typically, the biggest problem that arises when finding a luxury resort is quality control. Many hotels claim to be luxurious, but when you arrive you are underwhelmed by what you see. This is a problem because you are likely very far from home, and you don't have many options to remedy the situation.

This nightmare can be avoided by doing a little research beforehand. Don't just rely on the sales information about a hotel. The information on a hotel's website is meant to attract guests and may overstate the quality of the hotel. Most people have experienced this type of misrepresentation at least once in their lives. You should consult a secondary, and preferably unbiased, source.

References Are Key to Finding a Luxury Resort

Guidebooks are an awesome reference when it comes to finding a luxury resort. The researchers for guidebooks, ones that are not sponsored by any hotels or hotel organizations, are typically unbiased and are looking out for consumer interests. If a guidebook says that a particular hotel is undesirable--believe it.

Friends and associates are also valuable assets in finding a great luxury resort. Getting an opinion from someone who has been there and seen the place first hand can be crucial. Be sure to ask the important questions. Ask if they enjoyed the overall stay and if they had any complaints about the hotel, the services, or any of the activities. Ask if there were any unexplained charges on their final bill that needed to be appealed. Ask about the location and how accessible other attractions in the area are. If you just ask if they had a good time, you may not get the whole story.

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