Quepos Hotels

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Many of the hotels in Quepos, Costa Rica can assist you in creating a dream vacation. Because of the many activities offered in the area, the hotels are equipped to help their guests find exciting adventures right outside their doors. If you are staying in a Quepos hotel, you should call ahead to get information about activities. If you book before you arrive, you will avoid tours and other activities being sold out.

Activities in Quepos

If you are considering a trip to Quepos, you may be attracted to the amazing sports fishing this area has come to be known for. The blue waters off Quepos offer a challenge for enthusiasts and novices alike. There are a number of bill fishing tournaments in this area, and fish caught in these tournaments have tied as well as broken world records.

Fishing is not the only activity that attracts tourists to this area. Quepos borders the Manuel Antonio National Park, the most popular park in Costa Rica. There are endless activities in the park including hiking, river rafting, horseback riding, and bird watching. Many tourists stay in and around the Quepos area, but spend most of their time in the park.

One of the most popular activities offered in the rainforest in Costa Rica is canopy touring. Many areas have a series of zip wires and platforms installed in the tree tops of the forest. Using pulleys, harnesses, and helmets, vacationers are treated to a view of the rainforest like no other. You fly through the jungle while zigzagging through trees like one of the many species of birds native to that area. Expert guides assist you throughout the experience and protect your safety. It’s an amazing activity.

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