Tamarindo Vacations

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Once you look at Costa Rica, you'll understandably be attracted by Tamarindo vacations. The tiny country's Pacific northwest is flanked on the one side by pristine white sand and on the other by rain forests that creep into the national parks and mountainous areas of the interior. Costa Rica is home to 850 bird species and 1,200 orchid species. With an array of eco-systems and astounding biodiversity, the country is a naturalist's delight, and you know that.

What to Enjoy during Tamarindo Vacations

This jewel of Central America and its 785 miles of exquisite coastline has much to offer. Tamarindo vacations are a good way to make the most of much of it. Accommodations are comfortable and more, with sweeping views of the Pacific's deep blue waters and a variety of activities to choose from. Your villa balcony or veranda are perfect for relaxing as you enjoy the spectacular sunsets of the rainy season or the more subdued--but nonetheless brilliant--ones of the dry season.

Nearby are countless opportunities for surfing, whether you're a novice or a veteran. You can also scuba dive to enjoy the marine life or the night-blooming cup coral. Maybe deep sea fishing for marlin or mahi mahi would be an experience not to forget. All this is what Tamarindo vacations are all about.

The hospitality Costa Ricans are famous for will be evident as your resort hosts help you in arranging a guided tour to the breeding grounds of the giant leatherback turtles. You might want to ride horseback along the beach at dawn. Perhaps, though, you're just itching to make tee times at one of the several stellar golf courses within an hour's drive of Tamarindo (maybe even the Trent Jones).

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