Tropical Vacation Spots

Written by Christa Gatewood
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When most people think about going on vacation, they envision themselves sipping a strawberry daiquiri on a beach in paradise. The reason this is the image of a perfect vacation is because it is so relaxing and enjoyable. Tropical vacations give us the opportunity to escape reality if only for a short time and recharge our batteries.

The top three tropical vacation spots for Americans are Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean islands, in no particular order. Each of these places has its own individual style and charm. Hawaii is favored for its distinctive Polynesian cultures, upscale accommodations and immaculate beaches. The Caribbean is favored for its tropical climate, amazing resorts, variety of islands and close proximity to the U.S. Mexico is popular for its vibrant Latin culture and nightlife, relative inexpensiveness, naturally beautiful beaches, and ancient history.

Central American Tropical Destinations

Several of the countries in Central America boast many of the same attributes as these more popular tropical destinations. However, these favored countries share one additional attribute that others do not. These areas are unspoiled by frequent tourism. Countries like Costa Rica, Belize, and Nicaragua have beaches as beautiful as any in the world, and they are not over run with tourists.

Visiting a tropical location that is relatively untouched is an entirely different experience than visiting a tourist town. You have the opportunity to experience these countries like the natives do and to explore areas that have never been explored before. Whether it is traveling through a dense piece of rainforest or scuba diving in an unexplored part of a coral reef, these are experiences that set Central America apart from your average tropical destination.

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