Tropical Wedding Locations

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Destination weddings are a great way to start off a marriage with an adventure. As a whole, it is becoming an increasingly popular idea to get married out of town, and tropical locations lead the pack of choice sites. Hawaii, the Caribbean and Mexico are among the most popular destinations for tropical weddings. There are numerous large hotels that can provide all-inclusive packages to couples and guests, making it very easy to get married in these places.

Getting Married in Costa Rica

If you are looking for a slightly different, unique location with all of the benefit of the tropics, you should consider Costa Rica. Costa Rica is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination, but it has maintained its quiet charm and laid back lifestyle. Costa Rica has all of the natural beauty of Hawaii, the Caribbean and Mexico, if not more. It has miles of gorgeous beaches, thousands of acres of rainforest, and quaint towns full of history.

Getting married in Costa Rica is a far less commercial experience than in one of the aforementioned locations. While there is a large tourist economy in this country, tourists are not overflowing in the area. Weddings in Costa Rica are laid back and centered around the natural beauty of this magnificent ecosystem. Moreover, the Costa Rican culture is vibrant and alive and can easily be blended into any wedding.

You don't have to sacrifice any of the conveniences of modern life when going to Costa Rica, however. There are amazingly modern and stylish hotels mixed in with quaint rainforest lodges and luxurious beachfront villas. Many Costa Rican hotels combine the charm of nature with the comforts of first-class living.

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