Unforgettable Vacations

Written by Christa Gatewood
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I've been to Hawaii, several of the Caribbean islands, a variety of towns in Mexico and all over Europe, but the trip that stands out most in my mind was my trip to Costa Rica. The reason that trip stands out in my memory is because it was so unlike any trip before or since. The natural beauty of that country was unparalleled in my mind, and I had the opportunity to try new and exotic activities like hiking through the rainforest of Corcovado National Park. It is unique experiences like these that make a vacation unforgettable.

In our busy lives, most of us have very few opportunities to take any vacations. Most people barely get two weeks off of work for vacation and one of those weeks is most often taken around the winter holidays. Therefore, we should be sure that the vacations we do get are memorable. Going to the family cabin or taking the kids to Disneyland can certainly be fun, but it is only when we break out of our neat little boxes that we really make extraordinary memories.

Making a Vacation Memorable

The best way to make a vacation memorable is to try something new. If you have never been skiing, why not learn on the Rocky Mountains, or better yet, the Swiss Alps? If you have never been out of the country, why not visit Asia, Africa, or Latin America? Just going to a foreign land is already taking a huge step in creating an unforgettable vacation.

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