Adventure Cruises

Written by Sarah Provost
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There are cruises, and then there are adventure cruises. If you have an urge to plow through awe-inspiring Antarctic icebergs on an ice cutter, there's a trip for you. Maybe you'd prefer making your way up the steamy Amazon River to visit ancient ruins or retracing the path of Eric the Red or checking out the lava lizards on the Galapagos Islands. Whatever your favorite adventure fantasy might be--unless it's, say, crossing the Kalahari Desert--a cruise ship can take you there.

Adventure cruises for naturalists are very popular, and there's a wide range of choices available. There are birding expeditions just about anywhere. There are cruises that will bring you eye-to-eye with dolphins and whales. Tropical cruises will have you snorkeling through shoals of candy-colored fish. And as mentioned above, trips to the Galapagos and similar destinations will allow you to see rare and exotic species.

There are also adventure cruises for the sports enthusiast. Maybe you'd like to kayak in icy Northern fiords or hike the Inca trail high into the fortress of Machu Picchu. You can even take an active part in sailing itself, aboard a tall-masted ship. And if you want something a little less exotic, there are fitness cruises, which will shape you up aboard a floating spa.

Adventure Cruises Are Not Just for the Spartan

No matter what type of adventure you want, you'll be treated with as much comfort and service as any pampered cruise maven. Amenities aboard ship are luxurious, and imagine coming back on board after a grueling trek through the jungle to be greeted with cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and a gourmet feast! You truly can have the best of both worlds on an adventure cruise.

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