Alaska Cruise Tours

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Great Alaska Cruise Tours

Alaska is a most extraordinary place. The Land of the Midnight Sun is truly exciting, eye-opening, and a place of magical wonder. Alaska cruise tours are becoming more popular every year as tourists find out how inexpensive and unforgettable they are. If you're considering a cruise, look into an Alaska cruise.

One of the most popular Alaska cruises is the Voyage of the Glaciers tour offered by Holland America Lines. A seven-day voyage, this cruise will take you into the heart of Alaska and will show you the wonders of Alaska's remarkable glaciers. Alaska visitors always remember the sights and sounds of one of the state's famous glaciers calving. Calving occurs when the glacier shifts or the temperature rises and a chunk of the glacier falls away. Many of these calves can weigh as much as hundreds of tons.

Heart of Alaska Tours

To really see the state, you will want to take one of the Alaska cruise tours that allows you to explore the state's heartland. This cruise can include one or more of Alaska's historic and magnificent state parks with its magnificent mountain peaks. In the parks, wildlife abounds. You may even see giant moose and bears.

Your Alaska cruise will embark from a northwestern port and can last for just a few days or up to about two weeks. While you are enjoying one of your shore excursions, you will stay at the finest lodges available and will experience the real Alaska with your tour guide. Alaska cruises are not your run-of-the-mill tours. They are a journey into another world that you can treasure for the rest of your life--or repeat over and over.

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