Alaska Cruise Vacation

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Take an Alaska Cruise Vacation

When most people think of a cruise vacation, they picture bright sunshine, warm sandy beaches, and diving among coral reefs. In recent years, however, thousands of people every year choose to take cruises to Alaska. There they can explore Glacier Bay where mountains of ice move and change nearly every day. Some of the most impressive mountains, wildest rivers, and beautifully untouched land can be found in Alaska.

Visit Gold Rush sites, see whales from the deck of your ship, explore the majestic grandeur of Danali Park, or just relax and enjoy the scenery. Enjoy five-star hotels and bask in the Northern Lights. Alaska cruises can be as short as seven days or as long as you like. You can take a cruise or even a cruise tour, which includes exploring the state.

Alaska Cruise Vacation Options

Alaska cruise vacations offer all of the above and far, far more. Your trip becomes a chance to explore some of the most remarkable territory in the world. Imagine watching as a glacier calves, dropping a hundred ton chunk of itself into the sea! Later, you can enjoy a luxurious onboard dining experience or go ashore to see Mt. McKinley.

Your Alaska cruise will be remarkably affordable, with many costing under $1,000. You can choose dates from May to September, and you can even select an inland cruise. On your ship, you'll have your choice of dozens of activities around the clock, or, if you want to get out on your own, you can take shore excursions to explore the sites. Alaska teems with grandeur and unsurpassed beauty, and you will not likely forget your trip.

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